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    Lapguard Compaq Presario V3646TU V3647AU 90 W Adapter(Power Cord Included)

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    Lapguard Laptop Adapter for Compaq Presario V3646TU V3647AU, Output Rating 19V 4.74A 90W, Adapter Pin Size : 5.5 x 1.7 mm. This Lapguard replacement adapter is designed to provide reliable power and charge to your laptop. Made from highest quality parts each Lapguard replacement adapter conforms to specifications similar to original in its quality. Each adapter also passes necessary authentication certifications like CE, ROHS etc. Before leaving the factory, so you can be rest assured for its quality, durability and performance. Please note that all images are indicative, actual product label may vary. Before place order the adapter please assure that you have select right adapter for your laptop. Please check the adapter's voltage and current compliance with the requirment of laptop. Adapter output current ? laptop rated current, adapter output volatege and notebook voltage deviation <= +/?5%, please also check adapter pin with image before place order.


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