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    Q&Q Q708J224Y Watch - For Men

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    Be it clothing or accessories, most modern men have an eye for singular and uncommon things that are different from the ordinary. Realizing the trend, Q&Q brings you this attractive analog watch that can complement your personality and make you stand out from the rest. Round Dial This stylish Q&Q watch has a round dial designed using blue and silver colours. It has detailed markings as well as numericals to help you read time easily. There are three hands and a rotating crown to correct the time. Overall, this watch has a stylish design that can be worn to parties, sports events, meetings and practically any occasion. Metal Case and Bezel The dial case and bezel of this remarkable timepiece is made of stainless steel. The metal makes the watch durable and strong. The strong mineral glass adds extra protection to the watch, making it even more durable. Silver Strap This analog watch comes with a silver-coloured bracelet strap made of metal and has a fold over clasp. Water Resistant The watch won’t get damaged or stop working if you accidentally spill water on it as it is water resistant.


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